Is All The Brittle Pieces based off of a true story?

Very loosely. While the characters in All The Brittle Pieces are fictional, some of the events and acts that take place in the novel are from my own life and inspired by real life events that I read about over the years. This was intentionally done to give the book a sense of realism, however, some events in the book are completely fabricated. In this way, you can think of it as a hybrid of fiction and reality. 

Will there be a sequel to All The Brittle Pieces?

Yes. I'm currently hard at work on book #2 in the series and I expect to have it completed and published sometime in 2024.

Do you plan on releasing All The Brittle Pieces in audiobook format?

While I have had a few people ask for audio versions of the book, at this time there is no active plan to create an audiobook version of All The Brittle Pieces. I am open to the idea in the future if there is enough interest and when I have the time to dedicate to creating exceptional audio content. 

Can I reference your work in my publication, class, or event?

Please contact me directly at the email address for further information.